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A business owner is celebrating not only five years in business this month, but also a steady expansion of her cleaning company.

Emma Goff, 40 from Consett, started The Cleaning Fairy of Consett in 2012 when on maternity leave with her second child. She was reluctant to return to her career
as an insurance loss adjustor as it regularly took her away from her family for extended periods of time.

Emma had only ever anticipated finding enough clients for her, she never imagined that her business would grow beyond her. However, once Emma secured her first
domestic customer, who still has her house cleaned weekly, the business grew quickly.

Within a few months Emma had taken on her first cleaner and then her second; Dianne Woodhouse, who is now the company’s Cleaning Supervisor.

The limited company now has thirteen members of staff and they clean a mix of over 200 domestic and commercial clients across Derwentside.

Gary Scott, chairman of Derwentside Business Network has supported Emma’s growth and says she sets a great example to new business start-ups in the area: ‘Emma
is very down-to-earth and one of our most successful members; to achieve limited status, steady financial growth and to support a team of thirteen is a fabulous achievement.’

Emma says: ‘Being Managing Director of my own limited company is genuinely all a bit of a surprise! I never set out to have a large business and I’ve grown so
steadily over the past five years that it’s nice to stop and take stock of my success.

‘Over the next year I plan expand across all areas of the business. I’m investing in IT to help me digitise staff rotas, marketing to potential commercial customers
and will employ more staff. We have already started to attract customers outside of Derwentside and are proactively looking for commercial contracts in Gateshead and Newcastle.

‘Despite growing beyond Consett the business will remain the Cleaning Fairy of Consett as it is my home town and where I first realised there was a tidy profit
in cleaning up other people’s mess!”

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